Investment - Strategy and Targets

  1. - Target investment properties - Residential, Hotels and Commercial
  2. - Large office buildings and business parks with long term leases
  3. - Retail properties - large shopping malls and factory outlets
  4. - Light industrial, distribution and logistic properties
  5. - Land - attractive capital gains, land banking, short turn around
  6. - Target regions: Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic
  7. - Target ROE: 17% - 25%
  8. - Financing through local banks

Featured Projects

Neustadt NORD Shopping Center Wiener Neustadt, Austria

25,550 m² rentable area. 572 parking spaces. more...

Siemens Office Park Vienna, Austria

52,726 m² of A Class office space located in the 10th district of Vienna.      more...

Green Field Vienna, Austria

10,000 m² vacant land in the popular office area of the 10th district in Vienna. more...

Institutional Advisory (Transaction) Areva Office Building - Erlangen, Germany


Development Projects in the Pipeline

Mixed Use Development - Bratislava, Slovakia (2009 – 2011) more...

Competitive Advantage

  1. - Austria based team - Liskor International Inc. opened an office in Vienna, Austria
  2. - Strong relationships with internationally active tenants facilitates leasing of assets under management
  3. - Expertise and experience in various exit strategies - in a short period of time and maximizing profits
  4. - Excellent relations with CEE banks
  5. - High level of experience and investment acumen developed over 30 years in United States and France
  6. - Successful real estate development experience in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland and Czech Republic

Office Investments

Siemens Office Park Vienna, Austria

Date purchased: June 2007
Property type: Office Park
Location: Vienna, Austria
GLA: 52,726m²
Project ROE: 56%
Financing LTC: 85%

52,726 m² of A Class office space located in the 10th district of Vienna.

In 2007, a subsidiary of Liskor International, Inc. and partners acquired the Siemens building located in the popular office area of the 10th district in Vienna. Siemens takes up 100% of the available space of 52,726 m², 44,088m² net rentable area and the 8,638 m² common space. The building provides high quality office space and includes state-of-the-art technologies as it houses Siemens’ Research and Development Headquarters.

The employees and visitors at Gudrunstrasse 11 can enjoy a restaurant, preschooling facilities, and a fitness center. For daily business needs, Siemens Office park offers a conference, security and doctor’s centers.

Retail Investments

Neustadt NORD Shopping Center,
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Date purchased: Feb. 2008
Property type: Retail Center
Location: Wiener Neustadt, Austria
GLA: 25,550 m²
Project ROE: 63%
Financing LTC: 89%

Neustadt NORD Shopping Center- 25,550 m² rentable area located in the north commercial area of Wiener Neustadt. 572 parking spaces for the clients of OBI, Toys R Us, Adler, TurboSchuh, BIPA and Penny Markt.

In 2008, a subsidiary of Liskor International, Inc. and partners acquired a successful shopping center with additional development potential in Wiener Neustadt. The existing building hosts OBI, Toys’R’us, Adler, and TurboSchuh on a total lettable area of 21,250m².

In June 2008, the construction of additional 4,295m² began. The new extension will contain Austrian and international tenants such as BIPA and Penny Markt. The extension includes additional parking spaces, which now total 572.

Green Field Vienna, Austria

Date purchased: June 2007
Property type: Vacant Land
Location: Vienna, Austria
GLA: 10,000 m²
Realized IRR: 295%

One of Liskor's first completed projects in Vienna was the purchase and resale of 10,000 m² of vacant land in the 10th District.

Retail Projects

Featured Projects

Institutional Advisory (Transaction) Areva Office Building - Erlangen, Germany

Date realized: 2008
Property type: Office
Location: Erlangen, Germany
GLA: 43,000 m²

84,000,000 EUR Price

43,000 m² Net Rentable Area

Development Projects in the Pipeline

Date purchased: 2009 - 2011
Property type: Hotel and Office
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Hotel and Office Development - Bratislava, Slovakia (2009 – 2011)

19,000 m² Office Space

12,000 m² Hotel Space (170 Rooms)

Date purchased: 2009 - 2011
Property type: Residential and Retail
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Residential and Retail Development - Bratislava, Slovakia (2009 – 2011)

53,000 m² Residential Space

8,000 m² Retail Space

Liskor USA

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1979 and owned and operated since then by its founder and principal, Liska Prochotska Blodgett, Liskor has owned, developed and managed a multitude of commercial/industrial properties in the Chicago area that include a suburban industrial park, urban residential loft conversions and several multiuse office conversions.

Featured Projects

1130 South Wabash, Chicago, Illinois

Date purchased: 1991
Property type: Office/5 Years
Location: 1130 South Wabash, Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 24%

1017 West Washington, Chicago, Illinois

Date purchased: 1989
Property type: Office/3 Years
Location: 017 West Washington, Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 72%

600 West Adams, Chicago, Illinois

Date purchased: 1985
Property type: Office/2 Years
Location: 600 West Adams, Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 45%

407 East 25th Street, Chicago, Illinois

Date purchased: 1982
Property type: Office/6 Months
Location: 407 East 25th Street, Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 200%

161 Red Roof Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

Date purchased: 1981
Property type: Hotel/1 Year
Location: 161 Red Roof Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 133%

1Ambassador East (Omni Hotel), Chicago, Illinois

Date purchased: 1980
Property type: Hotel/4 Years
Location: 1Ambassador East (Omni Hotel), Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 28%

445 South State, Chicago, Illinois/1994

Date purchased: 1994
Property type: Office/6 Months
Location: 445 South State, Chicago, Illinois
Realized IRR: 100%

Liska Blodgett


  1. More than 35 years in international real estate
  2. Development and investment in U.S., Spain, Belgium,Germany and Switzerland
  3. Leased, managed and developed over 1,000,000 m² of commercial and residential real estate
  4. Currently investing in hotels, offices, and industrial buildings in CEE
  5. M.B.A. from INSEAD, France        
  6. B.A. in Economics, Loyola University in Chicago
  7. Business Administration, Sophia University in Tokyo
  8. The Hebrew University    
  9. The University of Paris               
  10. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Slovak, Japanese and Hebrew

+43 676-644 8191

Janicka Bassis


  1. More than 20 years in International Real Estate
  2. Institutional Advisory experience in U.S., France, Germany Switzerland and Eastern Europe
  3. Four years of development experience as International Director of Cogedim - France’s leading development company - Group Paribas
  4. Head of Investment Department of Foncia Enterprise, subsidiary of Foncia, largest management company in France
  5. Nine years of banking experience as director and board member of institutional real estate investment advisory services at Credit Lyonnais Asset Management
  6. B.A., Sophia University in Tokyo        
  7. Universite Paris-Dauphine
  8. Languages: English, French and Japanese

+43 676-644 8192

David Blodgett


  1. 25 years as legal counsel for civil, academic and private sectors
  2. Real Estate developments in the Chicago area - office and distribution centers, condominium conversions of old department stores
  3. Member of the Bar of California and Illinois
  4. The University of Chicago Law School
  5. B.A. from Oberlin College

+43 676-644 8194

Sandeep Mehta


  1. 18 years experience in international trade and properties
  2. Specializing in hospitality, retail, housing and infrastructure
  3. Geographic concentration - Southeast Asia, India and UK
  4. Degree in Production Engineering and Structural Management
  5. Associated with educational and regional development charity organizations

+43 650-6527044

Catalina Ionescu


  1. Catalina is in charge of marketing at Liskor.
  2. She brings experience in design from different fields.
  3. Education: She graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania with a Bachelor in Photography.
  4. Languages: Catalina is a Romanian national and also speaks fluent English.

+43 1 512 2798

Chris Johnson

Project manager

  1. Chris Johnson brings with him 25 years of experience in real estate investment. Chris offers his advisory services for local investors and developers focused on financial analysis, restructuring and negotiations with lenders and investors.
  2. Education: Chris Johnson has graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a B.S. in chemistry as well as political science. He attended Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and received his Masters of Arts in International Relations.

+43 1 512 2798


Vienna Head Office

Liskor Immobilien GmbH
Stubenring 20-6A
1010 Vienna, Austria            

Tel: +43 1 512 2798
Fax: + 43 1 512 4678

Chicago Office

Liskor International, Inc.
6600 North Lincoln Avenue
Illinois 60712-3633 U.S.A.

Tel: +1 847 769 7800
Fax: +1 866 431 9254

Directions Vienna

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